Syria, China Discuss Agricultural Cooperation

Syria, China Discuss Agricultural Cooperation

 Tuesday, 04 June 2019

Beijing- Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmed Al-Qadri discussed with his Chinese counterpart Han Changfu the prospects for enhancing bilateral cooperation between Syria and China, especially in the field of agricultural technologies.

The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing, dealt with issues of mutual concern. The two sides agreed to develop the protocol of agricultural cooperation between Syria and China and to enhance bilateral cooperation, especially in the areas of modern agriculture technologies, nanomaterials, agricultural scientific research and exchange of expertise and visits.

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Qadri reviewed the reality of agriculture in Syria and the sabotage it was subjected to by the terrorist organizations. He pointed out that the state continued to support the agricultural sector, which enabled Syria to maintain its food security and continue exporting many agricultural products.

The meeting was part of Qadri’s visit to China to attend the Syrian Day at the Beijing Flower and Horticulture Fair in Beijing.  Sh. Kh

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