Hello, I am the Economic Adviser, Professor Dr. Moustafa El-Abdallah Alkafry

Hello, I am the “Economic Consultant”, Professor Dr. Moustafa El-Abdallah Alkafry

The “Economic Consultant” includes periodic and specialized economic reports, market analysis, news, economic information, currency circulation, news, types and prices, investment, companies, securities markets, banks and insurance, academic follow-ups and universities. Activates of economic chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, agriculture and decision makers.

In this sense, the responsible for preparing the “Economic Consultant” takes care to obtain information from a reliable source.

The responsibility for the validity of the materials and data published in the “Economic Consultant” is the source from which we obtained these materials, which is attached at the bottom of each article of the “Economic Consultant”.

The “Economic Consultant” is not responsible for any errors that may appear in the material posted on his site, and the responsibility remains at the source at the end of each article published.

Any error in the preparation of the “Economic Consultant” is a mistake, and it is not in our interest to publish false information or data.

Professor Dr. Moustafa El-Abdallah Alkafry

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