PM Confirms Supporting and Providing Facilities for Investors

PM Confirms Supporting and Providing Facilities for Investors

Damascus, (ST) – The Syrian Investment Authority (SIA) has started its first working session recently to meet the weekly investment week under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Eng. Emad Khamis, to discuss directly the problems and obstacles facing investors, the investment process and find the necessary solutions by simplifying the procedures, granting facilities and taking any decisions to activate   investments.

Eng. Khamis pointed out the importance of the periodic meeting with investors in terms of their direct contact with the relevant government agencies and solving any problems that hinder their work, indicating that work is being done to address the gaps related to investment work in government institutions to be in accordance with advanced indicators.

In a letter to reassure investors about the most important factors encouraging investment, the President of the Council stressed that there are things related to the fight against terrorism in some regions and the war on our country is on the way to disappear. He explained that the state has alternative plans and procedures to ensure the requirements of investment success and ensure its security in all respects. He called for utilizing opportunity and the facilities granted to establish projects in various fields.

He also confirmed that the government has taken 56 measures within two years in this context and the legislation related to economy and investment will be in the forefront of the proposed amendments to be more flexible and with simplified procedures.

A number of investors presented their technical, financial and customs problems, and immediate solutions were taken for a number of projects. A number of projects were also discussed in the field of gas cylinders and textile industries, and the necessary decisions were taken.  Sh. Kh.

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